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MapInfo Professional Version 12

MapInfo Professional Version 12

Powerful Desktop mapping software for Business, Government or Educational uses. Browse the Commercial or Educational Licence Options, or see the plug-ins that add Network Analysis or 3D capabilities.

MapInfo Professional Version 12MapInfo Professional Version 12
MapInfo Professional, the industry's leading business mapping solution, lets you perform sophisticated and detailed data analysis to drive insightful decisions.
MapInfo Educational ProductsMapInfo Educational Products
Bring the benefits of the MapInfo Professional product range to your University, College or School. A classroom or teaching lab can be fitted out from around £10 per seat per year.

Vertical Mapper Version 3.7 - for Mapinfo ProfessionalVertical Mapper Version 3.7 - for Mapinfo Professional
This is a plug-in for MapInfo Professional that adds 3D modelling capabilities such as contouring, cross-sections and draped terrain visualisation. It also adds a full raster modelling and analysis capability, for example for cell based dispersion models or retail catchment analysis.
RouteFinder for MapInfoRouteFinder for MapInfo
RouteFinder is a full network analysis plug-in for MapInfo Professional. RouteFinder allows you to convert any set of lines into a network that can be used to calculate travel times and distances, isochrones (lines of equal travel time), optimised routes for e.g. making deliveries, and much more.

MapInfo DrivetimeMapInfo Drivetime
MapInfo® Drivetime compliments MapInfo's visualisation tools and its Street and Geocoding products.