Royal Mail Postcode Address File

Example - Postcode Address File in Excel
Example - Postcode Address File in Excel

Royal Mail PAF® File

The Royal Mail PAF provides tabular data for about 28 million unique postal addresses and over 1.7 million unique postcodes in the UK. Available as Comma Separated (CSV) or by special request as a TAB delimited file. Also available output By Address or By Postcode. N.B. Prices shown are yearly fees If you require between 5 users and 56 users please contact us to place the order. Download files available in CSV format and listed By Postcode or By Address. Additional charges apply for web use, contact us for details.

PAF is available in 2 formats, either:

By Postcode - All addresses under a Postcode are contained in one row. 90% of clients use this version which is easy to load into a database system, and which uses a lot less space. There are about 2 million rows. Some postcodes have more than one row to distinguish between Small and Large Users.

By Address - Individual addresses under a Postcode have a seperate row. This is most useful for e.g. a mail-merge to print address labels. There are about 28 million rows.

Our PAF data is updated in March, June, September and December each year after we receive the Q1, Q2, Q3 and Q4 versions from Royal Mail.

If you need PAF Address Data but would like this provided as an online look-up service then click here.

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Royal Mail PAF® File