Free Maps

Free Postcode District Web MapOur FREE interactive Postcode District web map allows you to browse the entire UK, locate Postcode Districts and see how many addresses are in each Postcode District as at mid 2015. We have included a breakdown for Large Users (PO Boxes), Business Addresses and Residential Addresses.

The Zoom In / Out function allows you to go from full UK, right down to individual Postcode Districts.

The Layer Control lets you tick/untick the 'About this Map' layer, the Postcode Area layer or the Postcode District layer. Allowing you to view a Postcode Area map, a Postcode District map or just a plain County / District Political Map.

if you want to know how many addresses are in each Postcode District click on the map. This information could tell you how many leaflets you may need for a mailshot, how many households there are in a franchise area, or whether there are lots of businesses.

The map is constructed from XYZ Maps Postcode Boundaries on the British Isles Political base map, using Avenza MAPublisher within Adobe Illustrator to do the HTML5 wizardry.