XYZ Postcode Boundaries - District Level

Postcode Districts are the second level of the UK postcode system and are indicated by the numbers before the space…

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Product Description

2018 Edition Released January 2018

XYZ Postcode District Boundaries have been upgraded to our New "Xtreme Accuracy" Standard. This means the Boundaries were re-Digitised so they not only fit around the Postcode Points but now follow Real Physical Features on Air Photography, such as Streams, Railways, Fences, Walls and Roads.

Postcode Districts are the second level of the UK postcode system and are indicated by the numbers before the space in the postcode. There are about 2,900 districts in total across the country. Physically they might cover a very small area in Inner London or be very large in the Highlands, but the total number of addresses in each one is relatively similar at around 11,000 on average.These are one of the most widely used datasets in digital mapping, typically for sales and marketing where they can be used for analysis (e.g. thematic maps) or for constructing sales territories. The 2018 Version was released in January 2018 and is current to the Q3 PAF release. Approximately 600 postcode sectors have been completely revised in this release since the previous edition in November 2016. Two new sectors have been added to cover the Battersea Power Station development site.

The product contains:

  • Postcode Area polygons
  • Postcode District polygons
  • Postcode Area, and Postcode District boundary lines

The lines can be styled to show the type of boundary and do not include the coastline.

The standard formats available are for ArcGIS Shape Files, MapInfo Professional Tab files or Google KML files. Please select which format you require and then download the appropriate Zip file.

Samples for a large part of Yorkshire may be downloaded in MapInfo Tab, ArcGIS Shape or Google KML formats and include polygon layers for Postcode Areas, Districts and Sectors both with (crosstab) and without (noextra) the Address Counts. The samples also include layers for the line boundaries without the coastline.

The attribute columns comprise:

  • PCode_Dist  - The District such as EH22
  • PCode_Area  - The Area such as EH
  • PCode_Num  - The numeric part of the District such as 22
  • Post_Town  - The Royal Mail 'post town' for the area, such as Edinburgh
  • Area_SQKM  - number of square kilometres in the sector polygon
  • Author - Not applicable as District polygons were created by merging Sectors.
  • Scale  - Used in the XYZ data model as the display scale, but not relevant to postcodes.
  • Revised - Not applicable as District polygons were created by merging Sectors.
  • Code  - the feature code (38.01 = Areas, 38.02 = Districts, 38.03 = Sectors)
Additional Information
Additional Information
Country England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, United Kingdom, Wales
Postcode UK, IoM & Channel Islands
Region Central England, Central Southern England, East Anglia, East Midlands, Europe, Highlands & Islands, North East England, North England, North Scotland, North Wales, North West England, Northern Ireland, Scottish Central Belt East, Scottish Central Belt West, Severn Estuary, South East England, South Scotland, South Wales, South West England, South West Scottish Borders, The Fens, West Midlands, Yorkshire
Town No
Finishing / Format ArcGIS SHAPE
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