Birmingham - B - Postcode Wall Map

A High Quality Postcode Wall Map. Showing the Entire B Postcode Area, with Precise Boundaries and Clear Postcode Labels on a Detailed Map Background.

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Product Description

The Birmingham Postcode Sector Wall Map shows detailed Postcode Sector boundaries (B8 2, B8 3) on a comprehensive background and is perfect for determining Postcode boundaries for sales, planning mailshots or as a regional reference guide. This Wall Map covers the whole of the B Postcode Area.

It is also available for your 'phone or tablet Buy now on PDF Maps

Note: If the Birmingham area in detail is of specific interest to you, then select the XYZ Postcode Sector - (C4) - Birmingham City Centre - Wall Map.

Map Details:
Title: XYZ Postcode Sector Map (G02) - Birmingham (B)
Scale: 1:50,000
Sizes: A0 (119cm x 84cm) or For Extra Clarity, Double Size, 2A (119cm x 168cm).
Edition: First Edition
ISBN: 978-1-909261-57-0 Paper Map.

Map Features:
Postcode Sector boundaries in red with associated Postcode Sector Names (B8 2)
Ordnance Survey 1:50 000 LandRanger map background in colour including motorways, primary roads, major towns, cities and villages.

Map Benefits:
Xtreme Accuracy postcode boundaries with clear regional mapping for you to plan sales and marketing campaigns, leaflet drops, postal mailings, etc.
Use to allocate postcode districts and sectors to particular sales territories.
Use marker pens on the plastic coated version and then wipe off - fully washable.
Use marker pins, for example for client locations, in the framed map versions.

Other Formats:

This map is also available as a Locked PDF (non-editable), an Editable GeoPDF (with enahanced features and fully editable), a high resolution GIF image and for your mobile or tablet (download PDF Maps from iTunes or Google Play).

Additional Information
Additional Information
Country England, United Kingdom
Postcode B, DY, WS, WV
Region Birmingham (B), Central England, West Midlands
Town Birmingham
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