Postcode Sector to Sector Time & Distance Matrix - Upgrade

Upgrade to the travel time in minutes and the distance by road in miles from each postcode to every other postcode

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Product Description

Updated for 2018 - Urban / Rural Classification added for England & Wales

There are approximately 110 million records that give the travel time in minutes and the distance by road in miles from each postcode sector to every other postcode sector in the UK, Isle of Man and Channel Islands. Please note that although Northern Ireland is included the use of ferries, possible routes through the Irish Republic and difficulties with the road network mean these figures are only indicative for the BT Postcode Area. For the 2018 edition we have done additional work on the Irish road network so the number of No Result BT postcode sectors has been significantly reduced.

For example, from a Birmingham to an Aberdeen postcode sector:

B18 9 AB51 5 418.95 437.613

indicates that it would take 418 minutes (about 7 hours) for 437 miles.

The distances are calculated using the Ordnance Survey 1:10 000 Scale road network for October 2016, combined with ferry routes and Irish roads from XYZ Maps data. The route should be the fastest which may not be the shortest distance. The assumed speeds are based on and usually slightly less than the legal speed limits for the type of road.

After receiving user feedback we have now set a value of -33 as the No Result value for both Time and Distance. Previously the routing software used a default value of infinity.

The values for Rural / Urban Roads in England & Wales and all roads elsewhere are:

Road Type Rural Urban
Motorway 60 mph 40 mph
Motorway Slip Road 40 mph 25 mph
Trunk Dual 60 mph 40 mph
Trunk Single 55 mph 30 mph
A-road Dual 60 mph 30 mph
A-road Single 50 mph 25 mph
A Slip Road 35 mph 25 mph
B-road Dual 50 mph 25 mph
B-road Single 40 mph 25 mph
B Slip Road 30 mph 25 mph
Minor Road 25 mph 25 mph
Local Road 20 mph 20 mph
Local Access Road 20 mph 20 mph
Other Slip Road 25 mph 25 mph
Roundabout 20 mph 20 mph
Ferry 10 mph 10 mph

There is no allowance for congestion, differences between urban and rural in Scotland and Ireland, rest breaks, etc as the data was not available. In each case the start / end point is the geographic centroid of the postcode sector (i.e. the middle). From there the software takes a straight line to the nearest road, then follows the road network to the nearest point to the end point, with a straight line for the final section. There is a difference between the time and distance between the centre points of any two postcode sectors and the actual distance and time between full addresses, but this is proportionately smaller the further apart they are. In the case of the above Aberdeen to Birmingham example, there will only be a 1-2% difference between the Sector to Sector time and distance and the actual house to house time and distance. Where addresses are within the same Postcode Sector or adjacent Sectors then the calculated time / distance will be a poor estimate. A calculation from every postcode to every other postcode is not practical as this would give 1.7 million x 1.7 million combinations, so around 3 trillion results!

 The download is in two parts: Sectors starting with A to L (to all other sectors) (540 MB), and Sectors starting with M to Z (to all other sectors) (470 MB).

Licence Types:

Personal Use: Use by a private individual for personal (i.e. not for commercail gain) purposes, for example to record holiday trips. You may make prints for personal use and may include extracts not exceeding 25% of the full data product extent on a personal web site or on personal social media. If you reduce the resolution to less than one third of the original supplied by us (i.e. convert to 100 dpi instead of 300 dpi) then you may include the full extent on a personal web site or social media.

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