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The Royal Mail PAF file.

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Product Description

2020 End Q4 Edition

The PAF (Postal Address File) provides tabular data for over 30.94 million unique postal addresses and over 1.77 million unique postcodes in the UK. It is prepared and maintained by Royal Mail and is the definitive list of valid postal addresses in the UK, Isle of Man and the Channel Islands. A new version is available every quarter, roughly in February, May, August and November (depending on when we receive the raw data).

The raw data format provided by Royal Mail is very hard for most users to deal with, so we at XYZ restructure the data into two standard database friendly products. We also add in the Country, County, District and Traditional County (pre 1974 as were required by Royal Mail until recently). These are our 'By Postcode' version and our 'By Premise' version.

  • By Postcode: Most users take the 'By Postcode' data which is effectively a summary that has typically one row per Unique Postcode (there can be two rows for a postcode in order to distinguish between Normal and Large Users), so this file has just over 1.7 million rows. Individual property numbers, organisation names, etc are recorded as a list separated by a ';' withing the relevant column: e.g. the column Building_Number might look like "1;3;5;7;9;11" where these represent houses 1 to 11 on one side of the street. There is no data left out compared to the By Premise format, but it takes up a lot less space as there is no duplication.
  • By Premise: This version is generally most useful as a mailing list because it has one row for every address. Thus there are over 30 million rows. The size of the file can mean it is hard to deal with unless you have suitable software, e.g. an SQL database such as PostgreSQL.

Available as Comma Separated (CSV) or by special request only as a TAB delimited file.

Please select 'Quarterly Updates' if you would also like to receive three updates during the year. A new version is automatically provided on the annual renewal. All updates are provided by e-mailed download links.

All Royal Mail licences are for one year only. Royal Mail define a User as any Person who has access to a terminal or device on which the PAF file can be accessed. So two PCs, for example, would be two users, as would two people who access PAF on one PC.

Specifically, Royal Mail state that "a User is an individual authorised by an End User to use a Solution". This means you have to purchase enough licences to cover the number of people with access to a PAF® solution.

Further details on the contents of data columns and the table structures can be found here.

If you require between 5 users and 56 users please contact us to place the order. You can see the price list for multiple users here. Download files available in CSV format and listed By Postcode or By Premise.

Royal Mail licences are quite complicated so you may need to discuss your proposed use with us. This would apply, for example, where more than one legal entity is involved (for example car dealerships), use on a public web site, etc. Please contact us for details.

Additional Information
Additional Information
CountryEngland, Northern Ireland, Scotland, United Kingdom, Wales
PostcodeUK, IoM & Channel Islands
RegionCentral England, Central Southern England, East Anglia, East Midlands, Highlands & Islands, North East England, North England, North Scotland, North Wales, North West England, Northern Ireland, Scottish Central Belt East, Scottish Central Belt West, Severn Estuary, South East England, South Scotland, South Wales, South West England, South West Scottish Borders, The Fens, West Midlands, Yorkshire
Finishing / FormatCSV (Text)
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