Web Site Maps

You can have a static map, such as a TIFF image, to add into a web site, but you might also consider a GeoPDF with embedded layers and attributes, or an HTML5 interactive web map.

HTML5 is the latest international standard for the HTML coding used on web pages. It adds extra functionality which we have been able to use to create interactive maps to go into web sites.

The extra functions enable zoomable maps with layers that can be switched on and off, maps that have pop-up information when you hover over them and call-outs when you click on them. There are other options too.

Try some of the examples here. Please call us on 0131 454 0426, e-mail Sales , or use our Contact Page to find out more.

These HTML5 maps are created using the Web Map Author tools in Avenza MAPublisher. If you would like to find out more about MAPublisher then Click Here.